Our coffee is single-origin, also known as estate coffee, which means we take part in every step of the process from tree to cup. We first planted our coffee from seed back in 1998 and have learned a lot along the way. Growing coffee requires a great deal of patience, but the rewards are delicious!

Our original Moloa'a Bay Coffee (Kona Typica variety) is processed using the washed method (also known as wet process). After handpicking every ripe coffee cherry we can get our hands on, we remove the coffee fruit (husks), then ferment, wash and deck dry the skinned beans. After drying, the beans are still covered by two layers called parchment and silverskin. We remove the layers through a process called "hulling," then the beans are finally in the stage referred to as "green beans." These beans can be kept in storage in the big burlap coffee bags we all know and love. 

Our award-winning Moloa'a Camp Coffee (Kona Typica variety) is processed using the natural process (dry process) method. After picking, we remove the skin and pulp after the ripe coffee fruit, or cherry, has been dried. The resulting coffee can be described as complex, fruity, and deeply-dimensioned.