Moloaʻa Bay Coffee Dark Roast - 8 oz bag
Moloaʻa Bay Coffee Dark Roast - 8 oz bag Moloa'a Bay Coffee - Dark Roast Moloa'a Bay Coffee - 4 oz. bag Moloaʻa Bay Coffee tree Moloaʻa Bay Coffee ripe coffee cherries Moloaʻa Bay Coffee green beans Moloaʻa Bay Coffee Dark Roast coffee beans

Our original Moloa'a Bay Coffee is also available in a dark roast perfect for those who prefer a stronger, bolder taste.

We start by handpicking our typica variety coffee cherries, then process using the washed method. In this process, we remove the coffee fruit (husks) from the coffee beans, then deck dry the skinned beans. During roasting, we give these beans just a few minutes longer than our Traditional Roast for the perfect Moloaʻa Bay Dark Roast.

Each bag features a gas release valve and zipper seal on the back, ensuring the beans are kept as fresh as possible from Moloaʻa Bay to your door!

Available: Whole Bean or Ground

Size: 4 oz. or 8 oz.

(Bag in main image is 8 oz., smaller bag is 4 oz.)